About Adam

I was born and have lived in northwest London all of my life.
From a young age I always remember playing in parks local to me such as Hampstead Heath and Regents Park, coming into contact with nature.
From the magnificent Oak trees hundreds of years old, to the beautiful varieties of shrubs and flowers, fascinated me.
Whilst maintaining an interest in the natural world, I came across Orchid plants. Warming to them and startled by their elegance I soon had my home filled with different species.
With some further investigation, I began to learn about their place of origin and their natural habitat.
To my amazement there are over 25,000 species, that are split into approximately 750 separate genera, which thrive in growth today, all over the globe.
Something special had begun, I had entered the colourful world of Orchids.

Residential & Commercial

Adam’s orchids understands the importance of image within a corporate environment, Adam always pushes for new innovative designs for our customers. all new customers will be visited by Adam and the design team and presented with ideas and options, customers needs and setting will give inspiration and creativity for your display. Our floral arrangement and beautiful flower blooms will promote a happier and healthier atmosphere within your environment which will be noticed and appreciated by both customers and employees.

Functions & Events

Adam always pushes for new and exciting designs and themes, using unique styles and different materials to achieve custom pieces for your special function or event.

With Adam providing a personal service, always striving for perfection and setting our standards to exceed customers requests, bringing you a no limit service with a highly enthusiastic, passionate and skilled team. We will bring your dream to life. Adam has contacts in many areas that could benefit your function or event and lighten your work load making life easier.

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